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    Have you ever searched google and intentionally NOT clicked on the first search result of page one? Have you ever noticed that the first page is always “the same”? As a minor experiment I thought I would try to see what gems are luring beyond page one and chose three topics. Baby names (as you will see I have a bit of an interest in that), historical Scotland (again, bit of an interest) and finally, excel random columns (why-random!).


    First let’s look at boys names. First page was as expected with all the “big name” sites appearing so off to page two. Came across childrensnames.org.uk. This is actually quite a nice site, not particularly big but what I did like was that it wasn’t full of peripheral nonsense. Random generators, baby advice etc. It does exactly what you expect it to do, give you a list of boys names.



    The second, Scotland history. I got a bit waylaid with this one. I ended up looking at interactive maps of world conflicts. Tried page three of this one with what looked like an interesting site. However, it was so full of adverts that I ended up clicking on one of the links on the page. However, that took me to a site which was broken (used flash). So back to square one but did end up finding the excellent Historic Uk site 

    Third search was probably my biggest disaster. Simply couldn't find a page that would tell me what to do. Tried pages 3,4 & 5 before reverting to good old page one. Perhaps with some searches there is no getting beyond that


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